Damien McAdams - 1978 P Bass repair

Damien McAdams"Recently I posted about wether or not to have the neck of my 1978 P Bass repaired. Some of you told me not to touch it but as the lacquer was peeling off due to wear I was afraid to cause damage to the wood. I took Leo Fitzpatricks advice and went to Sinisa Tot who lives in Buncrana. Sinisa knew my concern about not wanting to damage the neck yet keep the vintage of the bass. I have to say he did an absolutely magnificent job. I mentioned that I have a 514 Taylor accoustic wlth a nasty scratch which I might get fixed. To my amazement he produced a certificate confirming that he is a registered Taylor guitar technician. This guy is a first class guitar maker and repairer. I recommend him highly. And he is a real nice guy."
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Ante Hvar Tours Dmc - Tot custom build, TSRESOPHONIC LEFTHANDED 2018 model

Ante Hvar Tours Dmc"Siniša Tot YOU ARE FUCKING NOT NORMAL!!!! I got 10,11, I don’t know how many guitars, some of them rarities and good oldies, but I NEVER NEVER EVER EVER had this “love at first sight “ with any guitar like this one....Almost forgot, it’s dedicated to my Marijana Lacman and it really reflects her by any means. Hard to explain, easy to understand
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Neil Mc Grory - Repair on 1975 Fender Jazz Bass

Neil Mc Grory"Great repairs on my 1975 Fender Jazz Bass!"

Vedran Vlahovic - Tot custom build TSSH 2018 model

Vedran VlahovicGreat guitars! Proud owner of Gold top Tot custom, single cutaway, sounds awesome, looks awesome with Bigsby tremolo, PAF humbucker and push-pull knob provides a coil tap option for added versatility.
Pure satisfaction!
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Vedran Božić - Custom made strat neck

Vedran BožićCustom made strat neck
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Adam Semijalac - Tot custom made resophonic

Adam SemijalacTot custom made resophonic

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Hrvoje Prpić-Piki - Oil finish strat

Hrvoje Prpić-PikiOil finish strat
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