About us


Tot guitars build and repair shop is located in the north of the Ireland, County Donegal.
Somewhere in the 1990s, when I was 16, I got my first guitar, and the first contact with the instruments in general.
However, the process of building instruments came later.
I always had an idea to have one of my own guitars, my work, my finish.
That was my first step towards guitar building.
We cut out the body from an old walnut tree and gave him a shape and final finish.
I ordered the neck for the guitar from another builder and composed my first guitar. So it began.
We are using only natural dried wood, and high quality wood such as; Flame maple, curly maple, birds eye maple, mahogany.
Open for ideas
With professional help and support, we were able to make some of our own creations.
We are currently working on a model of an custom design and resophonic guitars.
Recording studio equipment used for audio samples:
Bugera V22HD INFINIUM tube amplifier
2 Channels- clean&drive
Custom handmade distortion pedal
Preamp tubes: 3 X 12AX7
Power amp tubes: 2 X EL 84
Jensen C12N speaker box
Shure SM57 recording microphone
Mackie onyx artist 1.2 usb audio interface
Custom handwound pickups – Made in Ireland
Pickups handwound (scatterwound) on bobbins. Vulcanized black fibre used for pickup flatwork.
41 AWG, 42 AWG or 43 AWG plain enamel, or vintage formvar wire used.
Models available;
  • Single coil pickup
  • Taped-dual output pickup
*each pickup have low output ( like single coil ), and higher output ( like PAF humbucker pickup), which gives you two sound on one pickup.
  • Humbucker pickup